LPG Storage Tanks

Industrial tanks are high capacity vessels used for storing large amounts of LPG for a number of manufacturing plants and service facilities. These tanks are categorized in line with the way/purpose of use;

We supply our customers with tanks manufactured in compliance with internationally accepted standards and specifically built for their needs for LPG Auto-Gas and LPG Bottle/Cylinder Filling Facilities. Quality Standard ranges we offer are CE, GOST, EN13445, AD 2000, EN 12542, ASME (U STAMP), Equipment Regulation 97/23/EC (PED),

We also offer modern amenities such as “Domestic Tanks” which are designed to fulfil the needs of living and production spaces in hard-to-reach rural areas.

NDT testing (radiographic, penetrant, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and such) of our tanks guarantee an efficient, safe and long-term operation.